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Next Big Business Idea Contest

Everyone is always speculating about the next big thing, the next big business idea. And I’ve recently located some new and very interesting ones in a piece titled, “Is One of These Business Ideas the Next Big Thing?” These are business ideas that you may never suspect – the business of butlers and butchers:

“The opportunity is not in being a butler . . .but in training them and finding them homes. . . Lest you think there’s not enough of a potential market, the International Guild of Professional Butlers says there are a “few million” butlers and that there’s been a recent surge in the number of folks signing on.”

butcher shop

“As part of the buying-local food trend, neighborhood butcher shops are making a comeback. While visiting the local butcher is not likely to completely replace shopping for meat in grocery stores, the Food Channel pointed to a resurgence in butcher shop patronage as one of its top trends for 2011.”

Who’d have guessed? Butlers and butchers, harkening back to the days of old. Superberries and beer gardens also made the list, check it out.

What do you think? What’s YOUR business idea for the “next big thing?” Leave us your idea in a comment below by September 1, 2011 (along with your Twitter username, should you happen to have one) and we’ll pick the best two ideas in our Moderators’ opinions. Each of the winners will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate!

So come on and tell us! What’s your next big business idea?

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35 thoughts on “Next Big Business Idea Contest

  • I have to Business Ideas.
    First one I have been working on for the last 4 years.
    “Go Green Biofuels” I have a business plan and had investors but my technology Greenline industries was bought out by Shaw Industries. But I have a new plan.

    Second one I’m working on now. Is a Bed & Breakfast in Bodega Bay. In a Mansion on the coast with 8 bedrooms. And my theme will be Orchids every where. Which I have a green thumb for.
    “The Orchid B&B” in Bodega Bay.Make business plan now. Really excited about this venture.

  • My website, which just launched Thursday, is a site where merchants can create and promote their own group coupon deals. Once a merchant is approved (and have their own PayPal Merchant Account they can create their own deals – how much to give off, how many to sell, how long to run and their own “fine print” – and once the deal is live they can take that ad (via HTML code, trackback URL or take a copy of the deal) and promote via their social media avenues (email distribution, Facebook or Twitter). And any customers currently on site can search for deals by area and type of business so your list can grow with new customers brought to the site by another business (and they can search expired deals and subscribe to a business for future offers).

  • My business, Milk and Cookeez is simple and easy. We make bath and body Products that look & smell like real treats. The difference is, our treats are good for you! We Use detergent free soap & phthalate free fragrances to create sweet delicacies for your outside. How about a Mini caramel apple soap, or a Blue Slushie Lip Scrub (guaranteed to not make your lips turn blue).
    While our products are not edible, they are fun, and good for you.
    There is a “need” for tweens and women and Milk and Cookeez is filling it.

  • I think this idea is in the same vein as the idea of training butlers. I believe the internet has made it much easier for people to find information, but people still seek out reliable information. A number of companies have found ways to deliver reliable, authentic, helpful information products that people are willing to pay for, in spite of the fact that there is so much free information available on the web. Specifically, I think that more legal services will be provided via the web. The legal profession is one of the last professions to have changed its model because of the internet. Just recently, Google announced an investment in a company that provides legal services using the internet. I think this is a really growing area.

  • I have a great idea and I’ve started to develop it already. As a single mom I do not have a lot of time for all the things I have to do and the ones I want to do. One of my main interests is to share as much time with my kid as posible, but with only my income to live from it was kind of impossible. I used to work for a big company in the Marketing area and I was really successful, but my heart wanted to be with my child, so I resigned and decided to create my own way of living.

    I started selling clothes and accesories to friends, but realized that with only one of me and not that many clients I would have to think of something else to get the income I wanted for us to live well…after a lot of work I finally launched my own online store, with free delivery all over my country, an innovative concept for where I live and from now on it has grow and I have done more than I would ever thought and sharing as much as I want with my child.

    So it made me thought of the thousands of profesional moms out there, people that have to choose between being a succesful profesional or being a successful mom, so why don’t we do both?

    I know it takes a lot of effort to do it by yourself, but what if someone helps you do that? What if there is a place where you could find your dream job which gives you everything you need and more?

    So this is the concept, a platform created for professional moms where they could be part of big companies all over the world or be hired as an outsourcing ansd work from your own home or country. I know this is not an innovative concept, but what if you recruit the best hard working profesionals from anywhere in the world, pay them better than they could be payed in their own countries and still lower your costs?

    I know I live outside the US but I am a visionair and this is not my first project, I’m always working on something new, and best of all I do buy a lot from Amazon 😉 so I hope I gave you a great business idea.
    Twitter: @FashionHouseGT

  • We have water and ice dispensers on the outside of fridges, but why not drink/soda dispensers? You shouldn’t have to install a separate dispenser somewhere in your home. Especially if you could create a simple fridge dispenser that pumped soda from 2-liters stored in you fridge that you purchased at the local market.

  • My biz idea grew out of my passion for shopping locally, and really started on scrap piece of paper, as a list to encourage my parents to buy local. is a network of local, independent businesses and community-minded shoppers. We cross-promote, do co-op ads, host a gazillion events. All grassroots, combined with social media. Last year we were voted Best Voice for Small Businesses in the Tampa Bay area!

  • My advice for entrepreneurs, small business owners and start-ups consists of designing a business plan and sticking with it. Don’t be enticed by every glittery new application. Stick with foundational networks and build relationships.

    Partner with others who you trust and who want to really give of themselves, rather than any ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

    Learn how to utilize Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and your blog website. Slow but steady wins the race. I’m not going to tell you to invent a new fangled hoola-hoop or paper clip. Invest in people you know, like and trust.

    Give the best of yourself to others. My passion creating waves of awareness supports the homeopathic community to get their message about healing through non-invasive, gentle, effective remedies with no side-effects.

    All the best,

  • Think one step back in the chain from the neighborhood butcher: There is huge demand for mobile, on-farm animal processing. I heard about that from the California USDA Rural Development director. Demand for local foods continues to increase. The number of small organic and specialty farms is growing fast, and the meat processing is concentrated in just two huge conglomerates.

  • @marshwin
    My big business idea is one that is geared up toward helping the community while keeping teenagers busy. Idle time usually spells trouble for teens. I feel that if those kids who fall through the cracks – are not into sports, scouts, band, or other typical after school activities – are given the opportunity to put their energy into the community in organized ways, they will benefit, their parents will benefit, and the community will benefit. If mom and dad are willing to pay hundreds for sports and other activities, I would think they’d be willing to pay for a Community Volunteer Workshop – an after school program in which kids are matched up with volunteer opportunities throughout their neighborhood. They are supervised and work in groups. Right now, these programs are taxpayer-funded in low-income areas. These could be profitable to middle-income areas, especially those looking to put community service on their college applications.

  • Trying to figure out a good business plan model for sustainable agriculture. I love what you said about mobil butcher! That would be a great way to help with those raising their own animals. I think we all have to think about growing more of our own food. I’m trying to come up with a business model to do it for my own family as well as help others implement it. The challenge is working in the growing seasons, perfect quantities of veggies as well as meats, along with time for canning, etc. It’s a juggling act! But, with a good model, it could be done. So, that is my idea and I’m trying to figure out how to implement! 🙂

  • The Lazy Garage Sale. Online garage sale. Payment via PayPal, Google, etc. An online store for consumers by consumers. Yes there are some websites out there with this idea, but not in that marketed fashion, calling out that it is a lazy garage sale.

  • Seven. Minute. Abs.

    On a serious note, I believe baby planning is about to blow up. Similar to wedding planning, the consultants help expectant mothers with everything from showers to picking the right nursery and more. I’ve only seen a small number of these firms, and the opportunity is ripe on more affluent communities.


  • So I’m not much of a business person, but I am a waitress and the restaurant industry is huge. So i came up with this idea, stick with me now, an automatic silverware roller. At the end of each shift, us servers are stuck for an extra hour just rolling silverware. We’re there till 1 am sometimes with an overload of silverware. And don’t worry, this isn’t just to benefit us servers. On busy nights we often run out of rolled silverware. Then, ALL of the employees including hosts, bussers, servers….we all have to stop what we are doing and roll as much silverware as possible so we have enough to give to our tables. But when everyone stops what we’re doing to roll silverware, we still have a full restaurant and customers begin to get irritated. I believe we can create a machine where you insert a stack of napkins, insert knives into one section and forks into another, and then insert a stack of the sticky tabs that hold it all together. There has to be a cure for this epidemic!! Troubles of a young waitress.

  • My big idea: a resource website and membership coaching program for professionals who are launching a business while working full-time. I have dubbed this group which I am a part of “EmployedPreneurs” and have started assembling content and lining up guest to contribute content. I have even started an online radio show on this topic as well.

  • This post was awesome, and I loved ready everyone’s ideas.. Mine is completely just a dream, but in my dream world; I would create a business that combines all of the things that I am passionate about, which are also trending nowadays. It would be a wedding and event planning company, with a strong internet/website presence that features my own graphic design line for invitations, thank you’s etc., I would also have a photographer, videographer, florist.. Kind of like your one stop-shop for events, specifically wedding, planning! 🙂 Any ideas for a name.. place to start in this debacle?

  • My business idea which I am pursuing slowly is to offer Social Media training, advice and outsourcing to small businesses, mainly Realtors, who either don’t have the time, inclination or skills to do it themselves. IE – its not a listings website, it’s not a sales catelog or a bitch at the boss page – its a social forum.

  • How many people would love to play in the NBA? Fact is, only one in a million will actually make the cut! That leaves 999,999 others on the outside looking in! Here lies an opportunity. What if a place was created where true basketball players could make their Hoop Dreams come true! What if a place could be built to make players look and feel as though they were playing in the NBA! Not just a regular place to play basketball! More like a state-of-the-art sports complex, that will allow players a chance to experience basketball! We have a vision for such a place! And we call it Premiere Hoops! Our center will feature two NBA size basketball courts, with stadium seating, shot clocks, and scoreboards. Our fitness center will feature the latest in exercise technology! A sports bar will serve up hot food and cold drinks. A pro shop, where customers can purchase lots of name brand sports apparel. Conference rooms, for meetings, activities, or parties. Finally, two volleyball courts, that will give us the flexibility to offer other programs and activities, which the entire community will embrace, and give us further separation from our competition! Our primary goal at Premiere Hoops will be to make every customer feel like a professional athlete!

  • How about a performance oriented contemporary christian music school? A place where kidz could improve their musical skills, learn to perform on stage in a band? Something like the school of rock but without the sex, drugs and bad lifestyle influences? Someplace that has real musical chops in a family friendly, God pleasing environment? We did just that- this summer.
    Rock on

  • Seasonal consignment sales are low overhead, seasonal events that are unique in the fact that they provide a win-win-win situation for everyone involved in the process:

    WIN! Consignors (sellers) make money on the gently used merchandise their families have outgrown.
    WIN!! Buyers save money by getting steep discounts on name-brand merchandise.
    WIN!!! The sale organizer receives a portion of the selling price of every item sold.

    When I started my children’s consignment sale (Once Around the Block Kids ™), the economy wasn’t in a recession. Over several years, my sale grew at a steady pace, and I was thrilled to have the extra income – especially considering my minimal financial investment ($2000) and the maximum flexibility it allowed (my part time job only required a few weeks work per event). When the economy took a downturn, however, my sale grew substantially as families began tightening their belts in an attempt to save money on clothing, toys, and other items for their children.

    I started my sale because I experienced the thrill of shopping at seasonal consignment sales… and then I took the next step, I volunteered at a few of them… and then I took the next logical step, I wanted to start one of my own. One that was better organized, easier to participate in, and had a charitable purpose. The only way I could do it, was the hard way… by jumping in!

    That’s essentially where the Consignamania ™ sale manual began – the eight years of lessons-learned, hard work, and trial-and-error that followed were used to write Consignamania ™. It’s the best resource and most comprehensive ‘start your own seasonal consignment business’ manual on the market!

    The product I’ve put together is innovative, entrepreneurial, recession-busting, and family-friendly. In addition, it pays-forward a positive effect to the largest possible audience of any business start-up – sale organizer, consignors, buyers, community, and charity!

    Seasonal consignment sales are the next big business idea!

    Twitter username: Consignamania!/consignamania

  • Business Idea: house deconstruction – a way to repurposed/reuse/recycle building materials and keep those materials out of landfills. associated and maybe required services and skills include hazardous waste removal and disposal, architectural salvage yard, maybe small house design assistance…

  • Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for first-time blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

  • I hope I’m not too late!

    My business idea is called Business Heroines. It is an online platform that develops female changemakers personally and professionally. After working in the nonprofit field, I’ve noticed gaps in the employee’s business skills education and the lack of onboarding processes. I believe that these two major components are keeping nonprofits ineffective and from making real change. The business is on an annual membership basis, and there are two levels: standard and premimum. The premium level will get you access to a network of female changemakers who are making change now to be your mentor.
    If women were prepared for the nonprofit field in this capacity, we could be solving social issues instead of managing and creating the problem.

  • I have a rather unique business plan. Whereas anyone can shop for any product available internationally directly from the suppliers (where the product is originally produced), from the comfort of their home. Therefore, as this is cutting out the middle man, the products will be cheaper and delivered within 5 working days regardless of which country you are purchasing from. The shopping can also be done via cell phone, thus it is not a necessity that the customers have internet access, especial customers from some parts of Africa, South America and Asia.

  • I know, im late, just stumbled across this website while looking for somewhere that would make me a multi millionair, a 50$ voucher just wont cut it, heh, but I think that was a very smart idea on the creator of this contests part, very smart, now why didnt I think of that? perhaps its because I have ideas all the time and I dont need anymore lol, most of them to huge for me alone, its both a blessing and a curse, for my latest Idea I need to partner with a science & technology lab. Im an ideas man, its what I do, its all I really want to do, I want to be the creative force behind global products and services, the brain child if you will, but I dont actually want to do them myself, I just want to give birth to the ideas themselves and sell them to rich people, for cold hard cash and a small percentage in the products themselves. most of my ideas I could not do even if I wanted to, Im no scientist, or webdesigner nor do I wish to be. o well back to surfing the net, oh I read a couple of your ideas guys and not bad. I love the one where people become able to buy directly from the manufacturer. that would be cool huh heh 🙂

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