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Employee Engagement Contest: The Winners Are . .

The winners have been chosen in the employee engagement contest! There were a lot of great ideas provided and we’d like to thank everyone who participated by leaving their suggestion in the comments section.

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Without further adieu, the winners are:

Breanna Perry of

“Improve company culture so that employees want to come to work, to interact with their colleagues, and to work on their projects.

Providing the opportunity to work on special or outside/community projects helps with this, but there are small changes that can be made that will produce results 10x as large. Find out what little details your employees want you to change-maybe they want to have morning tea available in addition to the ubiquitous coffeepot, maybe they want you to generally not keep the air conditioning tuned to “freezing”, or maybe they just want the chance to wear jeans to the office.

Little changes like these can cost the company almost nothing, but provide return on investment in the form of interested and loyal employees who are more comfortable and willing to produce more and better work.”

And Sonya Weiland of

“Remember the 3 R’s: Respect, Recognize and Reward. Engagement does not have to be formal or expensive, just genuine and regular. Quick ideas:

1. Respect. To keep loyal, engaged employees, treat them with respect EVERY day. Value their opinion, try to get their involvement in company-wide decisions. Ask for suggestions on cost saving ideas, company events, etc.

2. Recognize. Communicate; say hello by name EVERY time you pass someone. Thank them for doing a good job or just showing up to work! Catch them doing something good.

3. Reward. Lunch with the CEO, small gifts for their anniversaries, monthly “birthday parties” (can simply be cake in the lunch room with a sign listing that month’s birthdays), public awards and non-traditional “Employee of the Month” ideas.

All of these used ‘genuinely’ and regularly can make a difference in the total work environment and culture.”

We’d also like to thank our team of moderators for helping to choose the winners. Many thanks to Martin Lindeskog of Ego, Amanda Stillwagon of MyFindsOnline and SMBCEO, Marie Hernan of Small Business in A Big World and Duncan Campbell.

Stay tuned for the month of August’s contest which is coming soon!

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