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BizSugar “Contributor” Found Partner Online

Meet our most recent BizSugar “Contributor of the Week” on Facebook Jim Armstrong of Get Busy Media. Jim not only runs his own small business through social media but, like so many small business owners today has relied on it for many of his most critical business activities including finding a partner.

“Last December, I reconnected with an old high school buddy, Steve Murphy, via Facebook,” Jim said in a recent interview. “I was scrolling down my news feed and noticed that he had started his own marketing consulting business. I emailed him that night and told him how impressed with his biz I was and how I was looking to launch my own venture.”

The friends stayed in touch until February when Steve contacted Jim about an idea he had for a site that would provide daily marketing tips to small business small business owners online and Get Busy Media was born.

“I told him I was 110% in…the idea blossomed from there and now our team has expanded to 6 and our readership has grown to 5,000 unique visits a month,” he said.

In the intervening period, Get Busy Media has continued to grow. Recently Technorati identified Get Busy Media as a top 55 small business blog and a top 150 business blog on the Internet. A recent relationship with The Epoch Times, an international publication, now has content from Get Busy Media featured every Tuesday in the paper’s business section and on the publication’s Website.

“Our mission is to help small and start-up businesses figure out the new media landscape and provide them with the latest marketing trends, tips and advice to jump-start their business,” Armstrong said. “We cover everything from social media, DIY marketing tactics, mobile, customer service and web design…really any topic that interests our readers.”

In their own online marketing, Armstrong and Murphy have turned regularly to other online small business tools including

“We use BizSugar because BizSugar is a great place to learn more about our readers and customers and also for these same people to find us,” Armstrong explained. “We enjoy the community aspect of BizSugar and the quality of content shared on your site.”

The BizSugar community recognizes a regular “Contributor of the Week” as a way of thanking members who share their content week in and week out with our awesome small business community, especially those who join us and participate on our Facebook fan page.

To be eligible for our regular “Contributor of the Week” honor, make sure you have already liked our Facebook fan page and are a regular BizSugar contributor regularly sharing your own or someone else’s posts on small business news, information and tips on

It’s that simple! For more on the BizSugar “Contributor of the Week” on Facebook visit our announcement of the contest here on the BizSugar blog and keep watching the Facebook fan page for other details.

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  • Thanks again to Shawn and Heather for featuring us this week as BizSugar’s Contributor of the week. We are honored and flattered by the recognition. Looking forward to sharing and reading more articles on BizSugar!



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