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Matt About Business: Contributor of the Week

Meet Matt S. Mansfield of Matt About Business, our most recent BizSugar “Contributor of the Week” on Facebook.

Matt says he started his company to help small business owners learn more about the online world.

“A lot of folks were talking about Internet marketing, websites, SEO, online software and the cloud,” says Matt. “But not many were talking to the audience who stood to benefit the most: small business owners. I wanted to let small businesses know what was available online and then help them figure out how to best link their online and offline efforts to achieve success without getting overwhelmed.”

In his own online business, Matt uses BizSugar and recommends other online business owners do the same:

“I love BizSugar because it helps me stay up on the latest in small business thinking and trends,” Matt says. “What I especially like is that it’s ‘member curated’ meaning that real small business folks are sharing the information that they, people on the front lines, feel is important and that makes a big difference. BizSugar also allows me to share articles that I feel are important, as well as my own thoughts, so it’s a great win-win for everyone.”

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