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Why We Still Love Business Blogging

It might seem strange to some folks that as a leading social media business site we here at still love business blogging so much.

In fact, it’s generally assumed that with the rise of social media sites on the Internet today, blogging is on the decline. See this admittedly tongue-in-  cheek post recently by our friends at via BizSugar about the death of the blog, a death that has been prematurely reported for quite some time now.

The thing is that, as the Bloggertone post suggests, blogging hasn’t gone out of fashion, especially in the small business community.

Here are some reasons why we still love business blogging, even in the social media era:

  • Content is still king. Blogs are still tops for content, the basic currency of the Internet. Social media can be seen as the seasoning of the meal adding spice and interest to the content you create, but the content itself is still the meat, the substance of your business message and the best way to share who you are.
  • A match made in heaven. The fact is that blogs and social media are a perfect match. Each week many special small business bloggers share their content here on and we thank them for it. Blogs provide critical content for social media, content which can be shared and passed on again and again.
  • Getting to know you. Blogs give us a better chance to really get to know the blogger, how they think, what they feel and what they’re all about. If social media can be thought of as an introduction, blogs can be thought of as a way to get to know each other better. It’s a fantastic combination.
  • Google still reigns. Remember that even with increased activity in the social media space, search engines like Google remain a key source of traffic to much of the Web. Blogs, with their optimized and regularly updated content, are still perfect for attracting organic traffic from search engines and perfect for sharing via social media, the best of both worlds.
  • Facebook isn’t forever. Though it’s the biggest thing around, Facebook may not last. (Remember a little thing called MySpace?) A blog is the perfect home for your content on a platform you control. At the same time that content is easy to share through social media communities like

Do you still favor blogs for your small business communications? We’d like to hear from you. And remember, you can share your blog content free by becoming a member at BizSugar today.

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