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BizSugar Hits 175,000 Members: Helps Grow Your Brand

We’re proud to announce that has hit 175,000 members and counting with 95,000 subscribers to our weekly newsletter.

Though this is good news for us (you may hear the pop of a champagne cork in the background :)), it’s also good news for you, the small business owner, since BizSugar is much more than just a place to find great small business related articles online.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines thus far, this is a great opportunity to jump in and let help you create a global brand for your small business that’s unlike any other. Here’s how:

Register for your free account. It takes only minutes to do. Just pop over to and click on the “register” button in the top right hand corner to begin.

Start creating your profile. BizSugar lets you upload an avatar of your smiling face which will appear in the future next to each new submission, comment and vote you make in the community.  Then write a bit about yourself and your business and add some links to your Website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Start sharing content. Whether posts from your own blog or from other blogs or Websites you admire, content you share can include tips, news or how to articles of interest to the small business community. They do not need to be content you’ve created yourself. Gain a reputation for sharing excellent and helpful content in our community, and other members will visit your profile to find out more about you.

Vote for your favorites.You can also let others know what content on BizSugar you find valuable by voting for it using your profile. Others visiting the link will be able to see who voted for each and to follow links back to each profile. Your user name will also appear after the phrase “made hot by:” beneath the title of any link you helped vote to the front page.

Add to the conversation. On BizSugar, some of the best content can come from the conversations started in the comment sections on each post. BizSugar is a community where small business leaders meet. Leave relevant comments to establish yourself as a thought leader and let other small business people know what you think as well.

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If you’d like to get your brand message in front of two great small business communities there is yet another way to do so, if you act now. Read more about becoming a sponsor for the SugerTone Sweet Business Blogging Contest coming soon to both BizSugar and our partners at the Bloggertone business blogging community. Learn more today.

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