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Crowdsourcing Small Business Info At

What if there was a place to go online where you could browse through the latest and most relevant small business resources on the Web selected not by some editorial staff somewhere that you’ve never met, but by your own peers in the small business community who have handpicked the best for their huge network of friends?

Well, there is, in fact, and its name is! Here are just some of the great stories the 51,000 and growing members of our small business news and social media community have shared this week:)


The rumors of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, we know we live in a digital age, but in this great post from longtime BizSugar member Sarah Mitchell we have this great post on why it may be a bit too soon to trade in print on paper, especially in the marketing world. If you do any marketing by mail or traditional newsletters, this post is for you. Global Copywriting


What’s a micro business? And why could these small but significant companies hold an important component for our economic future. Mike Clough shares this great post about the business revolution that’s happening “under the Radar” from earlier this year and what the trend really means for the small business community. America’s Best Business Practices


Tips for entrepreneurship. Great small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn the characteristics of success. That’s the firm belief of blogger Onibalusi Bamidele, who shares these five characteristics he believes are critical to success when starting your own business in an article shared by community member Ben Lang. EpicLaunch


Why competing on price isn’t everything. For anyone who’s lived through the era of big discount retailers, it may come as a shock that low, low prices aren’t the only key to business success, especially for unique small business that offer a product or service beyond the ordinary. When competing in your market, consultant Chris Hamilton suggests there’s another, better way to get where you’re going. Sales Tip A Day

Set yourself apart with content. As he seems to do himself with every single post, Stoney deGeyter shares exciting and innovative ideas about creating content that is consistently beyond the average and unique for your market in this how-to post to end them all. Thanks, Stoney! Search Engine Guide


Are you looking for the best in tips, news and advice to operate your small business and give you inspiration as an entrepreneur? Why not let our 51,000 members and growing help you select the very best? Consider joining our community today and what we believe to be a growing repository of the best small business content on the Web. We look forward to sharing with you.

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