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How Social Is Your Small Business?

Join us today August 3  as Anita Campbell and I discuss the ways in which social media and in particular can help your small business in good times and bad on Small Business Trends Radio. BizSugar is a small business news and social media site built on a customized version of the Pligg content management system platform.

UPDATE: If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the podcast of How Social Is Your Small Business at Small Business Trends Radio where Anita Campbell and Shawn Hessinger discuss and social media for small business.

But beyond our own small business news site, how can your small business benefit from being more social, whether online or off? Here are some suggestions:

  • Do you talk with your clients and prospects to customize products and solutions that really fit their needs?
  • Have you found suppliers, service providers or even employees through social media or from the referral of a friend or colleague?
  • Have you tested new products or services by forgetting about the grand roll out and just getting them into the hands of customers to see what they think and to get feedback?
  • Have you changed your business direction completely based on success of a particular product or service with a client or because you found a new partner who changed the whole equation?
  • Have you changed you business or started a new one because of a chance (social) meeting either online or off that transformed your whole perspective on the market and made you suddenly realize something else was possible?

Hmmmm. Looks like your business is pretty social after all.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below and tell us how your business has benefited from social interaction, online or off. Meanwhile, check out the video below made a couple of months back showing how being social can help your business on Enjoy!

P.S. Please also come back here after you listen to the interview and leave comments or questions, if you wish. We’ll be switching the link above to an archived version of the show after today’s live broadcast, so you can return and listen any time.

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