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Congratulations Sugartone Contest Winners!

Yes, after some great article submissions and comments the SugarTone Sweet Blogging Contest has come to a close and the winners have been announced.

Thanks again to all the people that made it a reality including our team here at, the people at Bloggertone, the great business blogging community who have been our partners in this exciting project, and, of course, all of the great contributors who shared their content.


Special Thanks

We’d like to give our special thanks to those who labored behind the scenes to make SugarTone a reality. In particular, thanks to Bloggertone co-founder Niall Devitt and Bloggertone regular Cindy King who really worked hard to pull this contest together and took time out of their busy schedule to do an interview with us here at bizSugar to promote it.

Thanks also to our entire team of moderators here at bizSugar but especially to Amanda Stillwagon and Small Business Trends operations manager Staci Wood for doing some of the real heavy lifting collecting some of the data and acting as liaison with the Bloggertone team.

And the winners are: Top 10 Most Creative Article Titles

1. 4 Badges of Liberation from the Cult of Orthodox Business Doctrine – Jerry Kennedy

2. “Working Nine to Five, What a Way to Make a Living!” – Sian Phillips

3. 5 Ways Small is Beating Big for Flagship Clients – Bill Rice

4. 8 Reasons it Makes CENTS to Give Your Content Away – Sarah Mitchell

5. Five Tips to Wow Your Audience with a Blow-Them-Away Presentation – Colleen Cole

6. From An Absolute Blogging Beginner and I Absolutely Love it – Nualan O’Brien

7. Managing Stress in the Workplace – Catherine Conners

8. Achtung – Baby Businesses – Gret Fry

9. Timely FREE Advice 4 BizOwners: DO IT! – Tony Johnston

10. Social Media, Definition, History and Scholarship – Brian Prenderville

Top 10 Commenters: With links to their blogs.

1. Ching Ya

2. Collen Cole

3. Greg Fry

4. Barney Austen

5. Elaine Rogers

6. Bill Rice

7. Elli St George

8. Mairead Kelly

9. Susan Oakes

10. Catherine Connors

Congratulations again to all the winners who together will  receive  more than $6,000 in prizes and you can check out all of the Bloggertone submissions here at If you are one of the winners, consider displaying one of the buttons below on your site to share your accomplishment with the world.


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(Shawn Hessinger is the chief moderator and blogger at For more on the bizSugar community and how to submit your own small business content to the group, check out our “about” page or visit our bizSugar signup page to create your free account today.)

2 thoughts on “Congratulations Sugartone Contest Winners!

  • Hi Shawn, well done to the winners & everybody that supported Sugartone. Everyone reported that they made a whole lot of new business contacts so looking forward to the next one already. regards, Niall

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