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Spice up small business submissions with online video

You can spice up your small business submissions to with online video.

Recent data suggests online video may have greater currency with search engines than print-only pages, even those containing still images.

Here are some reasons why:

What does all this stuff mean to BizSugar users and members of the online small business community? Well, links to a small business site from BizSugar are also counted by search engines so links to small business pages containing video become that much more powerful in their overall search ranking.

If you haven’t submitted links to small business online video at, consider doing so today. The results on small business search throughout the Internet cannot be overstated.

3 thoughts on “Spice up small business submissions with online video

  • Shawn,

    Great to see a video clip of you! 🙂 Do you know how the search engines are finding relevant information in the video clips? Are they searching the tags and keywords in the description of the video clip? Could they search “inside” the video clip?

    Talking about videos, I made a “spooky” Halloween video greetings and posted it on my blog, YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler. If you dare, you could watch it by clicking on my name and then go to my blog post, Crush It Book and Tea Time! 😉

  • Martin,
    My understanding is, based on some of the links above, that proper tags and keywords are the essential element here. This is similar to how images or any other element besides straight text is viewed by the search engines. In other words, it makes a very big difference what you name videos, images or anything else you incorporate into a post. If I had simply tagged the video above “My Video Project” for example, the way it would turn up in search results would be quite different.

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