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Help Make bizSugar Better

As the community grows ever larger providing ever greater value for visitors, we’re looking for members to help make our site even better as the premier small business community and social media site on the Internet.

To help us reach our goal, here are some of the things we’d like regular BizSugar members to help us ensure so that the experience of new members will be a good one they wish to repeat.

Stuff we want…

  • Great links to the best articles with small business news and information on the Web provided with a brief explanation in the description area provided for you in the “submit” section that makes our visitors want to read more
  • Great comments by those passionate and knowledgeable about small to medium sized business filled with insight, information and entertaining detail about your experiences, opinions and even questions and concerns you may have to get a conversation started
  • Great members from throughout the small to medium sized business community including those interested in business, those seeking to start or currently running a small business or those interested in helping or advising them
  • Great opportunities to network and share news and information vital to small and medium sized business worldwide whether in the field of franchises, e-commerce, business coaching, business-to-business or virtually any other aspect of starting, owning, operating, selling or managing a company today

Help us make BizSugar better

Stuff we don’t…

  • Spammy links to sites unrelated to small or medium sized business or attempting to sell members unrelated items or services having little or no connection to the small business community (if you haven’t even looked at our site, don’t bother submitting to our community)
  • Spammy comments responding to the legitimate posts of members either with unrelated information or with short responses and URLs attempting to attract members from our community to totally unrelated sites as a sales or marketing ploy
  • Discourteous people who behave rudely or inappropriately when commenting on the links of other members or to the comments left by others or who use our member contact tools to harass or otherwise annoy other members
  • Outright advertising even if your opportunity or service is perfectly legitimate and applies to the small business community, we would prefer press releases or information that add value to our members’ experience instead of outright ads or pitches aimed at selling our members on your service or product in an area set aside for information and exchange.

Whether you’re a new or longtime member, we’d appreciate your help in making the site the best possible experience for everyone. Be sure to adhere to the guidelines above and feel free to contact us about others you believe are abusing the priviledge of membership or ruining the neighborhood for fellow visitors.

We look forward to a growing and thriving business community that can provide the best news, information and even advocacy for our members by arming them with a helpful resource they can use in making decisions each day.

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