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Retweeting and Widgets: Spread the Love

Retweeting or adding widgets to your blog or Website sharing our top stories with your readers can help spread the love and benefit the community that benefits you.

Below are some of the pluses of sharing with your readers today!

Spread the Love

  • Add value. It’s true. Retweeting and sharing stories from adds value to your own Twitter or blog posts by sharing helpful content and articles from the very best submitted by our growing community of business leaders and bloggers with your followers and readers.
  • Build traffic. It just makes sense. More quality links in your latest Twitter posts and added relevant content on your blog or Website mean more followers and traffic for you and your brand.
  • Build reputation. It’s the kind of reputation that comes from making the best recommendations to your followers and readers and becoming recognized as a thought leader in your niche or community. is a community dedicated to sharing the best news and information on small and medium-sized business both recommended and voted upon by our growing membership, information you can proudly share with your followers and visitors as well.
  • Build community. Obviously the community you help create as a member of will be the one supporting you in the end. So by sharing our links with your readers and followers you add to the community built by your fellow members and this newly created audience will be the people reading your posts, checking out your profile and perhaps networking to become your partners in the future. Let’s get started!

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