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How to Leave a Comment on bizSugar

Knowing how to leave a comment on the BizSugar blog or at allows you to further participate in our growing small business community.

How to leave comments on BizSugar

We’ve recently re-introduced comments here at the BizSugar blog and of course comments and links provided by our members are the life-blood of the community.

Here is how leaving good comments both on our blog and at can help you:

  • Building authority. Sharing your knowledge and experience with the group adds to your value as a community member
  • Networking. Socializing with a group of likeminded people including influential business professionals and bloggers helps you benefit from new relationships personally and professionally

How to be a good commenter:

  • Respect others. When leaving comments avoid personal attacks or inappropriate statements likely to offend or anger other members.
  • Good conversation. Whether here or at try to contribute as you would in any other discussion by sharing information and insight and by avoiding changing the subject or interrupting with an unrelated topic
  • No spam. Never use comments as a way to simply advertise your product or service by adding or trying to add links or other content that is off topic, unrelated or overly promotional. Leave good comments and others will want to get to know you and learn more about what you do.

We welcome your comments here at the BizSugar blog and at and look forward to a positive community building experience for all.

6 thoughts on “How to Leave a Comment on bizSugar

  • Thanks for your posts, Shawn. I see improvements all the time over here in the blog. And pretty soon we’ll have improvements to show the world, with the BizSugar site.

  • Shawn, Anita & Martin,

    I’m happy to see BizSugar associated with Small Business Trends. And great news about the comments here too.

    I have only been using BizSugar for a short time and have some questions. Of course, I looked but did not find the answers or a better place to ask my questions 🙂

    Here they are:

    I put the BizSugar icon on all of my blog posts, but there is a problem on the home page. All of the icons there do not link to the individual post URL’s, they link to the home page URL. My tech expert says I need different code from your end. Please email me asap – I don’t want the icons hanging around there too long looking out of place 🙂

    I’d love some clear guidelines about:
    – our scores and how to improve them
    – limitations on how many articles we can submit from our own blogs
    – limitations on how many 3rd party articles we can submit when we find something interesting while surfing on the web.
    – voting often for our favorite blogs
    – how to get to the top 10 contributor list

    Right now I can only submit a total of 3 articles a day period. Which is a shame because some days I find more interesting links to share than others. And I just generally want to know how to build a strong social bookmarking profile here.

    Otherwise I can’t wait to see this grow into a great community for people interested in small businesses.

  • Hi Cindy, thanks for your thoughtful comment.

    Regarding the Bizsugar voting buttons, yes I can see something is amiss. I’ll have our tech guys take a look asap. Thanks for your patience on that.

    The 3-day limit is there to prevent spamming and those who want to dominate the site.

    Right now, just so you know, we are in the process of evaluating an upgrade and a new template. This will solve several issues right now with the site, including much better spam control. At that point we may be able to relax the 3-submissions rule.

    As far as how to get to the Top 10 contributors list, just keep participating by voting, submitting regularly and the occasional comment. All help with your score. Sometimes it takes a while to see a jump in the scores.

    And to get higher voting scores, try voting on other people’s submissions. That way they are more likely to notice you and your submissions.

    Meanwhile, more tips will be forthcoming.

    Thanks, Cindy, for participating!


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