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A week worth writing about

Things can get pretty hectic at any start-up, so I always appreciate it when I have a good week. Last week went really well for BizSugar, so I thought I’d share a little. I had two interviews and we launched the first issue of Top 10 This Week.

First, Lisa Alexander interviewed me for WAHNewsToday. WAHN is a new website that provides some great advice for home-based business owners and for people who sell for companies that use a multi-level marketing strategy. Lisa is the founder of WAHN and I know she must be working like crazy because I’ve seen a lot of growth in the site over the last two weeks. It’s got a good niche and I expect it will do well.

Next, Julie Power interviewed me for the Internet Marketing Report Online. IMR Online is the blog that complements the Internet Marketing Report, a print newsletter that covers some of the best ideas for online marketing. Julie writes both publications with a style that’s entertaining and easy to understand. You don’t need to be an internet marketing pro to implement her ideas and suggestions. I was already a fan of the print newsletter, so I’m definitely adding Julie’s blog to my reading list.

Finally, we launched the first issue of our e-newsletter, BizSugar’s Top 10 This Week. The publication, e-mailed to our members every Friday, lists the most-voted-for articles over the last seven days. You may think that it’s rather un-Web 2.0ish to offer an e-newsletter, but we realize that some BizSugar members are more active with the website than others; so it’s our hope that the e-newsletter will encourage less active members to visit and contribute to the site while they’re reviewing and voting for the top 10 stories.

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Yes, it was a great week. Oh, I suppose I could mention how a small modification to our code accidently messed up our e-mail list and simultaneously removed everyone’s avatar for a full day. But no, I won’t mention that – not at all. It was a great week.