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bizSugar now provides forum feeds from

You may have noticed that at the bottom of each of BizSugar’s story pages, we now have a “Related Forum Posts” area. Based on keywords from each article, those links will take you to related forum posts from

Evan Carmichael has built a fantastic site for entrepreneurs. In addition to some powerful business information from well-known experts like David Allen, Jay Conrad Levinson, Michael Gerber, Jeffrey Gitomer, Seth Godin and John Jantsch, he also has over 100 interviews from famous entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Jenny Craig, Mark Cuban and Hugh Hefner. And that just barely touches all of the features and tools on this site.

Evan’s site also has an extensive forum section with a large following. That’s where we come in. Evan and I are hoping to introduce some of his community to ours and vice versa. By doing so, we hope to increase the opportunities for knowledge and networking for both groups.

So go check out his site. I think you’ll like what you find.