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My first interview

Well, let me clarify, my first interview regarding BizSugar. My first interview ever was a television interview regarding a book I helped write when I was the publisher of a small business magazine. The entire experience could best be described as a nightmare. The local news station asked me to write down the questions the interviewer should ask. Simple enough, except that I was never asked any of those questions. Instead, I was asked questions that were best suited for a fictional novel rather than a how-to business book. I got flustered and ended up sounding like a blathering idiot.

That’s when I learned my first PR lesson: regardless of what you’re asked, prepare two or three sound-bites and make sure you squeeze them in to your answers.

This time it was a much easier and more enjoyable experience. Corey Kossack, President of the Club E Network, sent me the questions by email. You’d think it would be easy to answer questions when they’re emailed to you but, truth is, I sent him two rounds of corrections of my own answers! I thank Corey for his patience.

You can read the interview here: New social news site for business owners: an interview with the founder of BizSugar

If you aren’t already familiar with the Club E Network, check it out. It’s a social network for entrepreneurs that, in addition to its Facebook-type features, offers insightful videos and local events in many major cities. The site is still pretty new, but I expect it to grow into a powerful resource for entrepreneurs. Michael Gerber, author of the business classic, “The E-Myth,” is chairman and Ingrid Vanderveldt of CNBC’s “American Made” is the CEO, so it’s got some well-known talent behind it.