10 Tips for a Relaxing Small Business Community

We’ve talked recently to both Laura Petrolino of 365 Days of Startups and Scott Fox of ClickMillionaires about how to create and manage small business communities that create value for your followers. As community manager here at BizSugar.com, I strive, with our global team of moderators, to create a relaxed environment where members, including small Read more about 10 Tips for a Relaxing Small Business Community[More…]

Scott Fox on Building Small Business Communities

(Editor’s note: For those of you who don’t already know, Scott Fox is the creator of what he likes to call the “friendliest” small business coaching community online, ClickMillionaires.com. Like us here at BizSugar.com, Scott knows the value of small business communities not only as a way to help others but as a small business model in their Read more about Scott Fox on Building Small Business Communities[More…]

How To Deal With Social Media Feedback

Social media is a two way street allowing your small business to communicate with your network of fans and potential customers and allowing them to talk to you resulting in both positive and sometimes negative feedback. Whether it is on BizSugar or on another social media channel where your business might participate, how you deal with and react to this Read more about How To Deal With Social Media Feedback[More…]

Naked Pizza: Creating A Healthier World Through Pizza & Twitter

Welcome! It’s the last Wednesday of the month which means it’s time to take a step back and interview another small business who we think is rocking social media in a pretty cool way. This week we’re excited to share a recent conversation we had with Robbie Vitrano, co-founder and Chief Brand Architect of Naked Pizza.

If you’re not familiar with Naked Pizza, it’s time that you are. Not only are they doing pizza better by encouraging people to make healthier eating decisions, but they’re using tools like Twitter, Facebook and the Naked Pizza Web site to extend that message and to get it in front of more eyes. [More …]

Stand Out From The Crowd With Social Media

With so many small businesses beginning to use social media today, how does your small business or brand stand out from the crowd. Small businesses owners, consultants and entrepreneurs joining BizSugar or using other social media platforms across the Web to share their message, know instinctively the power inherent in talking directly to their customers and Read more about Stand Out From The Crowd With Social Media[More…]

Social Media for Your Small Business is a Piece of Cake

Small businesses may know that social media plays an important part in their marketing and branding efforts. Still, many remain confused despite the best efforts of gurus and social media strategists about how to go about using these tools most effectively. But using social media like BizSugar and other online platforms to build brand, market Read more about Social Media for Your Small Business is a Piece of Cake[More…]

Improving Social Media With the Magic of Online Video

Accenting your social media communications with the magic of online video whether here on BizSugar or on other social media platforms is a great way to enhance your business communications. Here at BizSugar.com, adding video is as easy as linking directly to the video you wish to share or to a blog post containing your video Read more about Improving Social Media With the Magic of Online Video[More…]

Interview: How PETCO Uses Social Media

Ready for another social media and small business interview? Last month we interviewed Adam Wallace, the Director of Digital Marketing at the Roger Smith Hotel, to understand how one independent hotel was using social media to build its brand and get customers in the door. Today, we’re talking to a slightly larger brand as we Read more about Interview: How PETCO Uses Social Media[More…]