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How To Make Sure Sponsored Content Gets Clicked

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If you’re trying to get visitors to click your sponsored content, try using an image with a celebrity or with eye catching colors.

Also avoid clip art or cluttered images.

And use eye catching titles or titles containing lists.

These and other insights are part of an infographic shared by BizSugar member John Paul Aguiar in a recent post. On his website, The Money Dummy Blog, Aguiar asks:

“Are you using sponsored content as part of your marketing plan?

If so, is it working for you, are you getting that all important CLICK?

If the answer to the first of these questions is ‘yes’ and the second is ‘no,’ you’ll want to peruse the information Aguiar shares a bit more closely.

The infographic comes from Israeli-based Taboola, a company that helps online publishers monetize their websites with recommended content.

It shares some important dos and don’ts on the topic of setting up a sponsored content campaign for success.

The suggestions here probably apply more specifically to those actually using the Taboola platform. The company presents sponsored recommended content on partner sites based on data collected about each visitor.

But some of the basic recommendations here are bound to work for any content you’re trying to get your visitors to click on.

And some may even be good ideas for getting your content shared.

Keep Images Large for Better Engagement

People are more likely to click on large images than on tiny thumbnails, it seems.

Specifically, Taboola recommends dimensions of at least 400 by 300 pixels.

Image titles should be kept short too. Taboola recommends titles of between 35 and 45 characters as optimum, and 60 characters should be the maximum.

Remember These Other Content Suggestions

Besides the suggestions above, Taboola has these other recommendations:

  • Use people in your images as much as possible, and the closer the shot the better. (Try to use images of your subjects that are head and shoulders or closer.)
  • “Front load your titles” with the main point first. (e.g. “50 Percent of Visitors Ignore Your Content New Research Finds” rather than “New Research Finds 50 Percent of Visitors Ignore Your Content”)
  • Create titles with a bit of mystery to make your visitors want to click (e.g. “Learn the Secret of What Makes Visitors Click on Your Content” rather than “Using Larger Images will Make Visitors Click on your Content.”)

We hope you’ll find some of these suggestions useful even when making sure content you share with the BizSugar community gets clicked. See the full infographic from Taboola below.

Sponsored Content Best PracticesEDIT Image: Taboola

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