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Ian Smith @IanDSmith Builds a Remarkable Business

Ian Smith likes to say that your business is either remarkable or invisible, and that which one it is depends on you.

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Author of Fulfilling the Potential of Your Business: Big Company Thinking for the Mighty Small Business, which won the Small Business Book Awards for Management in 2012, Smith has dedicated his professional life to helping small business owners create remarkable businesses of their own with an infusion of management expertise.

To that end, in 2010 Smith founded The Portfolio Partnership to help small business CEO’s fulfill the potentials of their businesses.

“The Portfolio Partnership offers successful Chief Operating Officers to aggressively scale businesses safely, deploying our simple but effective Playbooks,” Smith explains.

Smith describes his company’s way of working with clients as a unique partnership in which senior talent works with business owners in an effort to address the key issues of a small business.

“In practice this means a TPP partner embedded in your business one day per week working on the right stuff, leading to a rich combination of discovery, diagnosis, and action,” Smith explains.

He describes the company’s activities as a bit different than the more advisory approach with which many business owners are probably familiar.

“This is not a consultancy model. We actually do stuff!” Smith explains.

As an ex-CFO, investment banker, venture capitalist, and CEO, who realized more than $400 million for shareholders over the past 25 years, Smith also shares his tips on business from his blog The Smith Report, and has been a regular member of since June 2012.

So, what makes BizSugar special in Smith’s estimation?

“In a word – usage,” Smith explains. “Many sites offer an opportunity to share content, but BizSugar makes it so easy to use and upload new material and distribute it to a relevant SMB audience. Secondly the quality of content is high, which is great both for writers and their audience.”

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