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Kelly McCausey @kellymccausey Shows Solo Smarts

Kelly McCausey is used to functioning as the small business equivalent of a one woman show. Her Website features her podcasts with other entrepreneurs, blog posts on small business, and details on many of her information products including her e-book Solopreneurs are Smarter: Why Solopreneurs Rock The Online Business World.

“I’ve been hosting my own show since late 2003 and have published over 400 episodes. Hosting Solo Smarts is one of the most rewarding things I do and my listeners turn into my email subscribers and often times my customers and clients,” McCausey explains.

The information products are another critical part of her business and a logical extension of her information-rich podcasts featuring interviews with other entrepreneurs on many different topics.

“I sell information products that teach blogging, podcasting, webinars, and info product creation. I also teach workshops on understanding your blog stats and planning out your offer funnel for the long term,” McCausey says. “Everything I do at Solo Smarts is co-ed, but my private membership site,, is for female solopreneurs only – that hails back to my first niche which was teaching work-at-home moms.”

What McCausey now teaches in her information products is the same stuff she herself was looking for when she began her career online ten years ago looking for a way to make a little extra money and finding far more than she bargained for.

“I didn’t set out to do this–working at home to supplement my full time job was a way to earn the extra $200 a month needed to keep my utilities from being shut off all the time,” she explains on her Website’s About page.

But after a year or two, McCausey started to see her business’s potential and by 2006 she had quit her day job to manage her online business full time.

She also offers services that help other entrepreneurs see their potential.

“One-on-One Coaching is my high end offer,” she says. “I get to work with a limited number of people long term each year and quite a few more come to me for short term project coaching support. I credit my coaching for keeping ME excited about what I do. I get to put my fingers into so many different pies.”

If all of that wasn’t enough, McCausey also hosts a blog network on home and family topics and authors Kindle books in a different niche under a pen name in her spare time. (Whew!)

She became a BizSugar member as a way to further connect.

“I was looking for ways to widen my networking circles yet keep my focus on those with strong online marketing ties,” she recalls. “One of Anita Campbell‘s tweets reminded me of BizSugar, and I went over to explore. It fits in perfectly with my goals. I’ve found new marketing blogs to read and comment on and have already enjoyed increased engagement.”

Also, in true BizSugar fashion, she has begun sharing the community with others.

“In a recent workshop on the topic of widening your circle of influence, I recommended BizSugar to my participants, because I see it working,” McCausey says. “I do get traffic from the BizSugar site, but more importantly, I’m visible to new people.”

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12 thoughts on “Kelly McCausey @kellymccausey Shows Solo Smarts

  • I love this feature on Kelly… is so genuine and reflects who she really is! I recently became a member of and Kelly really does care about helping online business people focus their efforts and turn them into profitable ventures. She knows her stuff and she loves to share what she knows! Her “Know your Blog Stats” online workshop was the best online “course” I’ve ever attended-hands down! Great profile!

  • I discovered Kelly almost a year ago now and I’m so grateful. She’s very genuine. I’ve taken several of her courses and am a member at Solo Masterminds so I’ve seen first hand what an awesome teacher and coach she is. She pushes you to do your best and is not afraid to give you a butt kicking when needed. It’s so nice to see she’s contributor of the week!

  • Kelly is an amazing business person, as well as, mentor. She really knows how to be honest but to guide you to your goals. She truly cares that you do well in your business and that is her ultimate reward.

  • Great to see Kelly as contributor of the week! Very inspirational on how much she has accomplished. She is a great mentor who is not afraid to be honest to genuinely help you succeed.

  • Kelly simply rocks. She’s an inspiration to women solopreneurs everywhere. Her no nonsense business approach and genuine caring personality are a huge part of her success, and that’s what draws others to her. She has a far reach as far as online business know-how. I’m a member of – an online business oriented community for women. It’s become a home for so many of us striving to learn a business or take a business to the next level. I recommend catching her podcast “Solo Smarts Solopreneur Podcast on iTunes as well.

  • Kelly was my first business mentor when I came online back in 2007. Her weekly podcast became part of my Monday routine back then and her mentorship group became my lifeline for building my SEO writing business.

    I recently discovered BizSugar because of Kelly’s recommendation and I’m pleased with the resources and opportunities here.

    Congratulations on this great feature Kelly!

  • As a sole trader and avid podcaster listener and host, I am very glad to see Kelly as the BizSugar blog contributor of the week! I have to check out her e-book, Solopreneurs Are Smarter.

  • This is a great intro to Kelly! She has the uncanny ability to walk the fine line between allowing you to develop at your own pace and giving you a butt-kicking when necessary! She really seems to care that people are learning what she’s teaching.

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