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Emily Brackett @VisibleLogic Takes a Brand New Approach to Business

Not everyone can take the unique approach Emily Brackett does to her business clients each day.

With a BA from Carleton College and a BFA in Graphic Design from The Massachusetts College of Art, Brackett combines a liberal arts foundation with training in graphic design when working with clients on branding and marketing over a variety of platforms and channels.

“This combination of liberal arts foundation plus graphic design education creates a skill set unique in the industry,” says Brackett. “In brand strategy work and especially with the rise in importance on content marketing, I find I use my word skills alongside my design skills all the time.”

Whether Web sites, logos, print designs for books and e-books, or content marketing, Brackett helps small businesses, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, and publishers maintain a consistent branding identity that helps set them apart.

This range of marketing assistance necessarily includes Search Engine Optimization as part of a comprehensive focus on branding, content, and connection that makes Brackett’s company, Visible Logic, a one stop shop for branding and marketing services all across the U.S.

“We help our clients identify what content will resonate with their prospects, what content will help with SEO, and what format is most effective for telling a story,” Bracket explains. “As we promote content on different channels, we ensure that it is all framed in a distinct and consistent brand identity, so that people connect their expertise with their brand.”

Brackett’s near obsession with creating complete branding systems for clients that work across every conceivable medium has even led her company to launch its own e-mail marketing service, Mail on the Mark.

“Previously, we would work on a complete branding system and then it would all fall apart when we got to the email marketing piece,” Brackett explained. “We strongly believe in the power of email marketing, and I figured there had to be a way to make e-newsletters work better. They need to complete the branding and messaging loop.”

When marketing her own services, of course, she practices what she preaches, and found the BizSugar community while seeking ways to effectively target her ideal customers.

“We have found BizSugar to be a terrific way for qualified prospects and partners to find our content,” Brackett says. “I write about design, branding, and business on our blog, and the readership at BizSugar is our target audience. It’s exciting to see the quality of the readers and their comments.”

And she often tells her clients to visit BizSugar too.

Whenever we help a client with their own blog, we always suggest that they get involved with BizSugar as a way to share their content and connect with other content creators,” she adds. “For both our own blog and for our clients, BizSugar is an effective way to generate significant Web traffic and to reach out into Twitter and Facebook to make more connections.”

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