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Rachel Parker @resonancesocial Makes Social Sensational

You may have heard this story before. Dedicated, experienced corporate professional grows tired of the lack of challenge she finds in her daily corporate job.

Instead, she decides to pursue her passion in the world of small business.

It might indeed be just about any one else’s story, if we weren’t talking about Rachel Parker, founder of social media and content marketing firm Resonance.

“After 15 years as a copywriter and brand strategist on the corporate, agency, and freelance sides of the marketing world, I decided to strike out on my own in 2010,” Parker says in a recent interview as the latest BizSugar Contributor of the Week.

Yes, Parker was bored.

“I had recently turned 40 (smartest thing I ever did), and just felt that I had more to offer than what I saw as the busy work listed in my corporate job description,” she explains. (Wonder how many other people out there are just as excited about hitting the Big 4-0. Show of hands!)

“Long story short: I looked around at other jobs and didn’t like anyone else’s, so I made my own!” Parker adds.

But, in the end, Parker was driven by much more than just a passion to run her own show.

“When I started Resonance, I focused specifically on social media outsourcing, and more recently, I’ve expanded my scope into the broader field of content marketing,” she says.

As digital communication matures, Parker insists, businesses will need more of these services, not less, and the services themselves will need to be at a much higher level.

“As consumers become more and more resistant to marketing messages and search engines become more sophisticated, the need for quality content is stronger than ever—and it’s my privilege to be able to help businesses of all sizes address this challenge,” she says.

In her efforts to help businesses communicate more effectively online, Parker says she has also drawn considerable help from resources like the BizSugar community.

“My job as a content marketing specialist is incredibly diverse, and it’s vital that I keep up with current trends in SEO, email marketing, social media, online publishing, and many other topics,” she says. “BizSugar offers me a single source where I can find just the information I need, right when I need it. And I know that any resource I find there is going to be well-written, current, and accurate.”

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