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Daniel Kehrer @140Main Leads the Way for SMBs

Daniel Kehrer has spent his career as a thought leader and in the trenches as an expert in small business and digital marketing.

Founder of four businesses including BizBest® Media Corp., which he established in 2001 to deliver tips, ideas, and information for small business leaders and entrepreneurs, Kehrer is also author of thousands of articles, syndicated columns and blog posts.

He has been featured by the likes of MSNBC, American Express OPEN Forum, SCORE, and The New York Times, has written a best-selling book on the topic of entrepreneurship, now published in five languages, and has been recognized for his work by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Through it all, Kehrer has remained a tireless champion of digital marketing channels and the challenge and power they represent for small business owners. His 140Main™ brand, in fact, was established specifically to provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with the social media marketing knowledge they need to survive and succeed in a rapidly changing economy.

“Never before have the tools been so readily available for small businesses to connect with so many existing and potential customers so quickly and economically,” Kehrer says. “This is the seminal marketing and customer engagement event of our time. Through social media, online marketing – and specifically the power of ‘content marketing’—small businesses, professionals and even startups can achieve the kind of exposure today that they could scarcely have dreamed of a few years ago.”

Kehrer has done a heck of a lot more than just write and think about these digital channels, by the way. He spent about six years in the trenches working in digital media, first with the B2B online startup, then with Dex One Interactive, a company providing digital marketing services for 400,000 small businesses, and purchased in 2007.

Along the way, Kehrer has also focused on increasing his knowledge too. He recently earned an MBA from UCLA/Anderson School of Management, a program ranked in the Top 5 worldwide by Bloomberg Businessweek.

“I never want to stop learning and improving my skills and knowledge base,” he says. “And the best possible way is a combination of working, starting businesses and earning the academics – all at the same time. UCLA/Anderson is one of the top programs on the planet.”

Also, from the beginning, Kehrer has been a big follower of and its online small business community.

“I’ve been following BizSugar since it first started,” says Kehrer, “and I’ve long found it to be the most ‘pure’ platform out there for sharing ideas and information on growing a small business. The BizSugar community, with its high-quality users and additional social sharing features for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and others, has been a real force-multiplier for both me personally, and my business.”

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