BizSugar Blog ยป Kimberly Crossland @SavvyCopywriter Shows Passion in Rock Your Biz

Kimberly Crossland @SavvyCopywriter Shows Passion in Rock Your Biz

You could say entrepreneur Kimberly Crossland is passionate about business. In fact, the third place winner in last month’s Rock Your Biz blogging contest here on has built her reputation on sharing that enthusiasm and the wealth of her knowledge with her clients.

“I am the owner of The Savvy Copywriter and a freelance writer and digital marketing strategist with a passion for helping entrepreneurs, work at home mom’s, and small businesses find their way in the fast paced, ever changing world of online marketing,” Crossland explains in a recent e-mail.

Crossland’s comment on a post by Small Biz Diamonds blogger Ashley Neal “17 Ways to Rock Your Biz…From the Experts” was chosen by BizSugar moderators as the best in the contest, also giving Neal the second place prize.

Here’s her winning comment:

Lots of great feedback from small business influencers and experts! The underlying theme is to make more connections. The internet can help fuel these connections through sites such as BizSugar, social media and blogs. Thanks for putting these together!

It wasn’t just the great prizes provided by our sponsors that encouraged Crossland to enter.

“I decided to enter the contest because I love the idea behind BizSugar and the Rock Your Biz theme,” Crossland says.

“It was a great way to encourage new ideas and increase engagement within the community,” she adds.

To promote her content and the contest, Crossland says she regularly promoted posts via Twitter, liked them on Facebook, and even promoted them in a few e-mails. She says she frequently checked back for new posts to see what others were writing and left comments to engage with other participating small business bloggers, too.

Congratulations to all the Rock Your Biz winners, and to everyone who participated to make this a great event, thanks!

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