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Warren Rutherford Creates Managerial Magic @OwnerTES

When it comes to finding new sources of productivity, Warren Rutherford has built his business on helping to release the magic from within.

Rutherford, our Contributor of the Week here at, is the owner of The Executive Suites, offering clients a variety of small business coaching products and helping apply diagnostics that measure their productivity.

“I’ve spent my whole career dedicated to helping others to improve their productivity,” Rutherford said. “In business we often overlook the simple, direct solutions to performance improvement. Effective communication is central to managing and motivating employees. I enjoy helping clients learn how to improve their performance.”

Rutherford brings to bear a variety of diagnostic tools for helping businesses improve their productivity including the DISC Index, Values Index, and Attributes Index.

But business training and coaching are also contained in his bag of tricks. He trains and certifies business coaches in the 5th Level Coaching and Innermetrix Coaching programs and also serves as Director of Coaching Programs for Innermetrix, Inc.

In addition to these, Warren has also developed his own collection of training programs including a manager as coach program and 3 Keys to Success program to help owners and managers improve their business and job performance.

“We use our website,, to educate owners and managers on the information they need to improve performance,” Rutherford explains. “Our mission, ‘Connecting People for Productivity and Profit’ conveys a commitment and focus to help clients communicate more effectively through some very innovative coaching and planning programs – and it works.”

Warren says writing content for his Website’s blog and for his manager as coach workbook, Leadership in the New Economy, Become More Self-Aware, Authentic, and Smart in Leading and Managing Others has helped him educate, inform, and communicate to clients the importance of becoming aware of their authentic talents, behaviors, and values, making them more effective in their businesses.

Warren says he uses in a variety of ways to drive his business.

“I started using BizSugar as a way to learn about the current issues and interests of other businesses as expressed through their blog posts,” he says. “Every time I review a post, I become better informed about their approaches to the use of technology, especially social media and marketing. BizSugar also provides opportunity to communicate our mission to help others. In my business, its vitally important to keep current with business needs and challenges.”

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