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Contributor of the Week Sets Small Business Example

When John Paul Aguiar launched his blog two and a half years ago, it was with a much loftier goal than simply finding a way to pass the time.

As a kidney transplant recipient on disability, John Paul wanted to show how anyone with the patience and dedication to launch a blogging business could find a way to be self-sustaining.

His efforts were a success!

Within 11 months, Aguiar was able to cancel those disability checks and support himself with his online business, and he wants to share his success with you.

“It was a way for me to help people see the benefits to blogging in a simple to understand and honest way,” Aguiar said. “Learning that if you combined blogging, social media, relationship building and Internet marketing you could build a long term blogging business that makes you money.”

And despite the fact that blogging is often thought of as a solitary activity, Aguiar insists he can’t take all the credit himself.

“Building a successful blog isn’t a one man show, you need blogger friendships, you need partnerships,” Aguiar added. “You need to connect with bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs on a daily basis to see the success you really want. That’s what the Money Dummy blog helps people see.”

One place Aguiar says he has found the connections his blogging business needs to grow is in the community.

“Knowing that I can visit the site and connect with bloggers and entrepreneurs that share quality, helpful content makes my life a little easier,” he says. “Never mind the friendships and exposure you will get from consistently being present and sharing your content. It’s all about giving to get!”

Here’s how Aguiar says he uses BizSugar as an ongoing part of his marketing efforts.

“I’m a big advocate of promotion over quality content,” he explains. “Meaning that to me, the promotion you put behind a new post is more powerful then the post itself. Yes, you need quality content, but it doesn’t have to be amazing.”

Enter the BizSugar community.

No matter how amazing your new post is, if no one sees it, then it’s a wasted piece of content,” Aguiar adds. “But a good post with smart promotion behind it, like sharing it on BizSugar, will get that post read and shared all over the net.”

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