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Negotiating Tips Contest Winner

The winner has been chosen in the BizSugar “Negotiating Tips Contest!” There were many great tips provided and we’d like to thank everyone who participated by leaving their tip in the comments section of the post.

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Without further adieu, the winner is:

Terri of Maurer Consulting Group (Twitter: @tlmaurer) ~

“Negotiation isn’t — or shouldn’t be — open warfare where one side has to win big and the other side needs to walk away beaten down. Enter the process with a win-win attitude. Know what you need to walk away with and get as close to that goal as possible while allowing your counterpart to walk away feeling they ‘won’ too.”

As Terri points out, compromise on some level is the best way to approach negotiations. It’s not about winning, it’s about each party walking away with something helpful to them.

We’d also like to thank moderator, Amanda Stillwagon of MyFindsOnline, for her assistance in helping to choose the winner.

Stay tuned for the month of Decembers contest coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Negotiating Tips Contest Winner

  • Congrats Terri L Maurer! As an experienced purchaser and member of a supply chain management association in Gothenburg, Sweden, I am in full agreement with the tip.

    I have participated in a course with the title, “Negotiate from a Weak Position” and there I got plenty of insights.

    The foundation in my negotiating skill, is the firm belief in the trader principle. You exchange value for value.

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