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Jeffrey Fabian: Contributor of the Week

Our latest BizSugar Contributor of the Week is a real legal eagle as well as an entrepreneur.

While already practicing at a prominent firm, he felt the need to strike out on his own about 18 months ago with a practice of his own in an effort to follow his passion.

What passion is that, you may ask? We’ll let Jeffrey explain:

“I enjoyed the legal work, but didn’t have the freedom I needed to help people the way I wanted to, and I wanted to develop a practice that was more attuned to entrepreneurship and the realities of doing business in a web-driven environment,” Fabian explained in a recent e-mail interview.

He specializes in a variety of issues of special interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

“I practice primarily in the areas of brand protection, trademark enforcement, and contract drafting for creative professionals and online businesses,” Fabian added. “Included within these fields are Internet-related issues such as website protection and affiliate relationships, and franchise negotiation, development and registration.”

Like many an online small business owner, he has found an audience on BizSugar and other things of value too.

“My goal is to educate other BizSugar readers and contributors about how to both mitigate the real risks they face in doing business, and develop and protect intangible assets to increase the value of their businesses,” Fabian explained. “I also use BizSugar for finding articles in other areas that I am interested in, such as online marketing.”

Fabian believes he’s created a niche of legal services for the small business community.

“Since starting my firm, I have had the opportunity to write extensively and share additional resources online (such as my free e-course, Is Your Brand at Risk?) to help entrepreneurs and small business owners understand the legal issues their businesses face on a day-to-day basis,” said Fabian. “In my field, the services I provide are critically important, but many business owners are unaware that the issues exist—much less that they need to deal with them promptly and on an ongoing basis.”

“This is why I try to share my articles on trademarks, use of contracts, legal implications of social media use, and other issues broadly, including on BizSugar,” he added.

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