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Woo-hoo! Contributor of the Week: Peter Masters

If you want to know how becoming a contributing member of and a member of our BizSugar community on Facebook benefits you, look no further!

Sure, becoming a contributor on can be a great way of boosting your brand by sharing quality small business news and information with other small business leaders and commenting on the content they share.

This can and has led to networking within the BizSugar community where we can guarantee you’ll meet plenty of great small business leaders just like our latest contributor of the week Peter Masters of MarketingM8 and Construction Marketing UK Ltd.

With a background in both marketing and senior construction management, Peter spent an exciting period of time in the Middle East developing a new marketing department for a construction firm owned by a senior member of the Qatari Royal family, before returning home to the UK and spending 12 months developing a new marketing approach for a group of construction companies in Ipswich, Suffolk.

“My team and I had designed a great website in Qatar and I had personally carried out a lot of very successful online marketing here in the UK and I was naturally drawn towards the exciting developments in social media,” Masters explained. “Being able to combine my social media expertise with my traditional marketing experience helps me a lot and people appreciate that social media is another tool not a complete alternative.”

Masters launched his social media company in an effort to respond to what he perceived as a need in the market.

“MarketingM8 was created because I got frustrated driving around lecturing construction managers and directors on social media and being told that they’d discuss it with the board,” Masters said. “Unfortunately, despite their financial woes, many construction companies here in the UK are still squandering £100,000’s on ineffective traditional marketing purely because they are scared of change.”

Masters changed his company’s original name as an attempt to re-brand for a broader audience.

“The fact that my company was called Construction Marketing UK Ltd. did pigeon hole us somewhat, but I had used my MarketingM8 Twitter handle very successfully on Empire Avenue and the MarketingM8 name was becoming very well know, therefore it seemed an obvious move to re-brand the blog and the social media platforms to MarketingM8,” Masters added.

Today, the company offers comprehensive advice to businesses in any sector seeking to benefit from social media marketing.

Amongst tools Masters uses regularly is

“I really rate BizSugar as a MUST for all bloggers!! You guys have been very good to me!”  he says.

In fact, small businesses can use BizSugar’s main site to promote their brand by sharing high quality small business news and content, but members should also consider “liking” our Facebook site where you can comment on links, connect with other members and even share relevant links on our wall.

Plus, active members of both our main Website and Facebook community are eligible to be honored as a BizSugar Contributor of Week with a profile like the one above showcasing your small business. Are you contributing to BizSugar and the BizSugar Facebook community? The benefits could be more than you know.

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