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Alternatives To A Boring Press Release

Press releases can be boring and many claim they are a dinosaur from the past. Have you ever asked yourself, “How Do I Create Press Materials That Aren’t Boring?”

And if the traditional press release is dead, what are some alternatives that are available?

Well for starters, did you know that you can create a social media press release? With social media lighting the way, it may be that a social media press release is now the way to go:

“We live in a world driven by social media, so it’s no surprise that press releases have to embrace the social Web too.”

You can also create a press release video:

“Take what you would write in a release and tell the story to the camera. If you have other videos to use, include them for extra content. There is nothing like seeing the person behind the company telling a story — it’s far more interesting than reading it in a boring press release.”

Or you can write a press release story instead:

“Write your full story, even if you can’t shoehorn it into a press release. Let a short version go out if you need a press release, but write long versions, too, even if the only place they’re going is your own website.”

If you’re not completely sold on the idea that the traditional press release is dead, there are ways to jazz up those boring old press releases. One way is to add quotes from individuals to the press release that can appear in a comment bubble embedded in the press release. You can also add images for visual interest.

What are some ways that you have jazzed up your press releases and what alternatives to the traditional press release have worked for you?

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