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Troubleshooting Tips: This Is The Swan Song For Your BizSugar Submission Worries!

Hello again, BizSugar members, and thanks for being part of our small business news and information community.

As you know, even with the best online communities, from time to time technical problems can arise.

And though we try to respond quickly to any issues regarding the site at large, some difficulties occasionally arise which are easier for members to resolve or have to do with how some sites interact with our community.

In order to better serve all our members, we’ve put together this little list of quick fixes for various problems that may arise:

Problem 1: Can’t submit a link.

You may get a message that suggests your URL has been blocked. If you’ve posted before without trouble, first check with you Web hosting company and take a look at your Website to be sure no settings have changed.

Be sure your server you use does not restrict access to requests made through “fopen” meaning BizSugar cannot verify the page and pull the necessary information to allow your submission. If this has recently been changed by your hosting company or on your server, please ask your hosting company to re-open this feature.

Here’s a step by step troubleshooting option to fix the problem for your hosting company or for you if you have direct access to your server:

  • In FTP, go to your root web folder. This is the folder called public_html or www
  • On your local computer, create a file called php.ini and place this text in it: allow_url_fopen = 1
  • Upload that file into the root web folder.

Problem 2: Trouble with BizSugar voting buttons

If you are having difficulties with the BizSugar voting buttons installed on your site (i.e. the voting counter on your blog post does not correctly register the number of votes you have received on the BizSugar community) first check the URL.

Minor unintended characters added near the end of your URL like a hashtag (#) may allow your link to be posted but interfere with the way voting buttons work on your site.

Simply contact the BizSugar team and we can remove the necessary characters allowing your voting buttons to function correctly. (Thanks to BizSugar member Tony Johnston for helping us troubleshoot this last one due to a similar problem on his own blog Biz Money Matters.)

Check in next week for some more BizSugar troubleshooting tips making your experience on our small business information and news community even better.

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