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What’s in Your Small Business “Field of Dreams”

In the movie “Field of Dreams,” Kevin Costner is famously told “If you build it. They will come.”

We think the same is true of your small business. And to that end, a few weeks ago we asked BizSugar members the simple question “What is your number one small business goal in 2011?”

Our hope was that by doing a bit of crowdsourcing, we could mine our great small business social community for some ideas that contributing members might, in the future, be able to use to provide the kinds of posts and information the community would find the most valuable.

We’re pretty pleased with the results. Here are the answers we got:

Hi Shawn, I feel that all small businesses can benefit from better tools to monitor their brand on social media and the web. Currently I’m using several tools like Google Alerts (enhanced with YoLink), Social Mention, Ice Rocket, BackType and more but none of them gives me a complete picture. We could all make better use of our time if we had a reliable tool that was comprehensive and affordable. Thanks for having this discussion! I’m really enjoying the BizSugar community. Ileane

I work for Symantec and our customers are telling us that protecting information is one of their main priorities for 2011. That’s also what we found when we surveyed more than 1500 SMBs in our 2010 SMB Information Protection Survey. Three quarters of SMBs surveyed were somewhat/extremely concerned about the loss of crucial business information. SMBs are now making protecting their information their highest IT priority, as opposed to 15 months ago when a high percentage had failed to enact even the most basic safeguards. Blake McConnell, Symantec Corp.

To increase the collaboration between bloggers and small business – what many call Blog Outreach. Gail Gardner

My number #1 goal this year is to take my business to the next level. And beyond! The Franchise King® Joel Libava

My number one goal is to implement the things that I have learned in the “Certified Networker” course by the Referral Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden. Martin Lindeskog

Via Facebook…

My goal is to focus…as a small businesswoman, I often let distractions get in my way. So this year, my goal is to create a work schedule – or at least define a consistent workload – that I can meet every day. Sherry Smith Gray

To generate more orders for my online business. Jeanne Artiaga Dotson

To get more local businesses “social.” Linda Yulanavage

Well, there you are. Reactions from the BizSugar community. Hope this will be helpful to our regular contributors in terms of deciding what content some of our more active members are interested in reading. Did we miss something important to you? Do you have something to add as a major small business goal this year? Why not let us know what kind of information is most important to you? Please leave your comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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