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“Hot” Feature Makes Small Business Site More Social

A new “hot” feature added to BizSugar in the last couple of weeks allows users who vote content to our front page more visibility as opinion leaders helping to make our site even more social.

Here’s how. Now when you vote stories to the front page of the BizSugar small business news and information community, you and other community members will see your account name in orange following the phrase “Made hot by…” and followed by the date and time when your vote moved the new submission to the front page of

So how does this new “hot” feature make BizSugar an even more social community and more importantly, how does the addition of your account name under the latest submissions on (See the example below) benefit you?

Well, simply put, the new feature rewards members for being thought leaders and for casting the deciding vote moving content to the “published” section of

Benefits include:

  • Additional recognitionfor members who cast deciding votes recommending content to the rest of our small business community building your influence and authority as an opinion leader in the BizSugar community.
  • Additional linksto your profile in BizSugar’s “published” section where visitors can learn more about you, your business and other Websites including blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media associated with you.
  • More exposurefor your own contributed links, comments, votes and favorited content available by searching the “submitted,” “commented,” “voted,” and “favorites” sections. (There’s even a “Became Hot!” button to check on which ones of your own submissions have made it to the top in the BizSugar rankings.)

So what is the best way to take advantage of the new “hot” feature on Simple. Keep being an active contributor. Vote regularly on the links you find the most helpful here on the BizSugar community, not simply on the links of a few close friends or associates in a tightly knit voting circle.

Voting on content here at really does make a difference and will allow you to promote yourself by promoting others. See for yourself by becoming an active voting member here at and “hot” your favorite posts today!

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