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Better BizSugar Content with New Moderation Program

Those visiting the last two days may have noticed a cleaner look under “recently submitted” stories thanks to a new system that holds new content for moderation.

For regular contributors who have submitted links before to BizSugar, you may not notice much of a change.

Except that the super cool content you always find here is, well, super cooler thanks to the lack of annoying spam and other inappropriate material sometimes submitted to our site which our awesome team of moderators works hard everyday to remove in order to make sure BizSugar provides you with the highest quality small business news and information content everyday.

For new submitters, be patient. As you submit your first post it will be held for “moderation” after which one of our moderators will check the article before it appears live on our site. After approval of your first submission, you’ll be able to submit future content without any delay.

If you’re new to BizSugar, remember content added to our community must meet the following guidelines in order to be permitted:

  • Must be useful to small business owners or operators or entrepreneurs,
  • Should not be advertising,
  • Should not include a direct pitch for your products or services,
  • Cannot contain any spam or other inappropriate content.

See our content guidelines for more information on the kind of content appropriate for the BizSugar community.

While we’re thrilled with the control our new moderation system has given us over providing the highest quality of small business news and information for our readers, of course, there’s always room for improvement. The system isn’t perfect and, as you can see, from time to time spam or other inappropriate content may still break through.

We appreciate your efforts and please let us know if you see anything inappropriate on the site. If you feel your submission has been excluded unfairly, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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