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Vote BizSugar for Small Business Social Media

Your vote really can make a difference this November. No, we’re not talking about the hotly contended U.S. elections coming up for regular BizSugar members here in the States, races that could have profound importance for small businesses here.

Sure, those elections are important too and we encourage you to carefully research the issue and select candidates and policies friendly to the small business community.

But as those regularly checking our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts probably already know, has been nominated for the category of Social Media in the Service of Small Business in the Fourth Annual Mashable Awards.

See the button below and click on through to nominate. We hope you’ll consider throwing your support behind as well if you find our small business community valuable and use it regularly.

Adding a nomination is easy.

  • Click through to Mashable. The Mashable Awards Site allows you to nominate your favorite social media sites by category and each nomination constitutes a vote.
  • Get started by logging in. You will need to log in through your Facebook or Twitter account to nominate.
  • Add your favorite site. Though there are several ways to enter a site by name we’re requesting you use “” as the designation for our community to keep things uniform.
  • Add a category. We’d like your support for BizSugar in the category “Best Social Media Service for Small Business.”


Vote early, vote often.

Visitors can nominate their favorite candidate or site as often as once per day for each category until the deadline Nov. 29 with the top five candidates in each category moving on to a finalist round Dec. 1. An awards gala is planned for Jan. 6, 2011 in Las Vegas.

Why should you help?

Well, frankly, because BizSugar’s success is your success. Win, loose or draw, the awards are yet another way to increase visibility and traffic for our small business community. And that translates to more traffic and link value for your contributions to Keep watching our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for more on the awards competition as it unfolds. Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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