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SugarTone: Have You Commented/Cast Your Vote?

Have you commented or cast your vote yet in the SugarTone Sweet Business Blogging Contest?

Time is running out, but there is still an opportunity to get involved with deciding the first place winner of the contest and even to win a cool second place prize. See the video below and please feel free to use it in an effort to further promote contributions by the end of the contest on Thursday.

So here’s where YOU come in.

Contributors spent last week and up until Monday sharing blog posts along the theme “making your business amazing” on business blogger community and later had links to their submissions posted to small business news and social media site

See the submissions below:
The Power of 3: Make Your Biz Simply Amazing
The Secrets to Writing Good Content for the Web
Start Relaxing To Make Your Biz Amazing
6 Free & Amazing Ways to Promote Your Business
Not In Competition
Be Ruthless To Be Your Best
The World of Sales Is a Stage
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
There’s No Such Thing As Can’t?
How to be amazing: it’s the simple things that count
Switch On Your Amazing Power
So, You Want an Amazing Business?
How Can I Look Amazing On LinkedIn?
Back to Basics
What Is a “Real” Business Owner Part 2
Time to shine with an online makeover
A Way With Words
5 steps to making biz decisions
Make Your Biz Amazing Begins With Your People
Creating a successful Conference Call
The most boring topic ever?
The Silent Partners
Engaging with your future force
How to build PR for your business

First prize, $350 in products or gift certificates from our great sponsor Hewlett-Packard, will be awarded to the entry receiving the highest number of votes here on

Second prize, $250 in products and gift certificates from Hewlett-Packard, will go to the most “engaging” comment made on one of the posts for the SugarTone contest either at BizSugar or at as chosen by our judges.

*TIP: Like to encourage votes for your submission? Why not tag us on Facebook with a link to your story on the BizSugar Website by placing the character “@” and “BizSugar” in the update box above your link and ask other BizSugar members on Facebook for their vote? Make sure you’ve “liked” our fan page first and your request will show up in our news feed.

Good luck! 🙂

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