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Small Business Is…

We’d like your help finishing the sentence above.

Every small business person or entrepreneur will likely have a different answer when asked to define small business, an answer that says a bit about what small business means to them, so here’s how you can contribute:

  • If you’re on Twitter and haven’t already done so, start following us @BizSugar (we’ll be sure to follow back).
  • Then make a Tweet completing the sentence “Small Business is…” .
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #SmallBusinessIs in your tweet so everyone will be able to track your response.
  • Important Twitter tip: You can use the Twitter search function entering the #SmallBusinessIs hashtag to check out others’ real time answers to the question.
  • If you don’t use Twitter feel free to add your response in the comments section below on the blog. We’ll be interested in reading the results!

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BizSugar Small Business Tip: Stephanie Chandler, CEO at and small business speaker, author and blogger recommends publishing a book as a great way of demonstrating expertise in your business niche.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Investigate competing books and know why yours will be different or better.
  • Use the storyboard method to develop an outline. Take a stack of Post-it notes and a pen and write down every topic you want to cover in your book. Then, move them around until you develop a logical flow.
  • Leverage material you already have like blog entries and articles.
  • Tackle each topic in the book one at a time, as if writing brief articles. This will help you progress quickly and make the task at hand seem less overwhelming.
  • The average book manuscript is around 60,000 words. If you write just 1000 words per day, the equivalent of three typed pages, you’ll have a book in 60 days!


*Find out more about Stephanie at or check out links to some of her latest blog posts at

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