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Business Blog: “Pardon our Dust”

Our business blog here at is undergoing some renovations, so please pardon our dust.

pardon our dust
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Some of the changes may not be easy to spot right now, but sit tight. The improvements will become apparent in time.

Here are some things you might have already noticed and more that are on the way:

  • WordPress upgrade. We’ve moved the blog to a newer, more secure 2.8 version of the popular blog platform to improve overall function
  • New url. We’ve switched from the older to a new sleeker location on the World Wide Web. Bookmark us at, a more fashionable address.
  • Blog comments.  Making this blog more interactive is a BIG part of the improvements to come and its near the top of our “to do” list.
  • Moderators. Meet the folks behind the scenes who help make BizSugar the community it is. Links to our moderators’ own Websites are now also a part of the BizSugar blog. We’ll get to know them better in future posts!
  • PersonalityWe’ll be adding some other touches that, with any luck, will really add to this blog’s charisma, and, by extension, the online community it represents.

They’re under wraps for now. Just part of our mystique, I guess!

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