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DBH Communications Launches Social News Website for Small to Mid-sized Businesses lets business owners and managers discover, share and vote for the tastiest tidbits of business knowledge.

Kansas City, Mo, January 9, 2008 – Business owners and managers of small to medium-sized companies have a new way to feed their need for insightful business information. DBH Communications, Inc. announced today that it has launched (, a social news and bookmarking website. allows users to discover, share and vote for their favorite business tips, trends, news and strategies on the Web. “By letting users vote on how interesting or helpful each article is, BizSugar takes advantage of the combined wisdom of our members,” said founder, John Holsen. “This helps us create a repository of top business knowledge and allows our members to spend less time reading fluff.”

Social bookmarking sites have been around for some time now, but the most popular sites cover a wide scope of topics. According to Mr. Holsen, represents a trend toward smaller niche sites that focus on a narrow range of topics.

“I was disappointed when I first started visiting social news and bookmarking sites because, while they were great for finding entertaining or controversial stories, their business sections offered little practical help for the time-starved entrepreneur,” said Holsen. “I knew that a site focusing only on business information geared toward small to medium-sized companies could benefit the business community.”

Visitors to the website can view all submitted story and video links or focus on specific categories such as marketing, finance, management or technology. Sidebars showcase the top voted stories of the week along with the most recently submitted articles. also allows users to archive their favorite story links. “I can’t tell you how often I used to print out articles on, say, search engine optimization or direct marketing and, after a while, the articles start to pile up,” said Holsen. “Then, when you’re finally ready to read a story, you can’t find it.” To address this problem, allows users to save their article links on the site’s web servers until they are needed.

In addition, members using “really simple syndication,” or RSS, can subscribe to feeds on specific topic categories such as advertising, employee benefits or international trade. This allows users to be notified of the latest relevant articles as soon as they’re deemed worthy of being published on the home page, based on member votes.

Like many social media sites, allows members to network with other members who have similar interests. “Let’s say you just finished reading a blog about a great small business idea and decided to submit it to BizSugar. Later, you can go back and see who agreed with your submission by voting and commenting on your post,” explained Holsen. “From there, our messaging system makes it easy to contact those members.”

Holsen has already received positive feedback on this new service. “I’ve been chatting with business owners who were using BizSugar during the testing phase and many told me that they immediately found it to be an invaluable tool,” he said. “As one member put it, ‘Now when I find a small business news article that I like, I always give ‘em a little sugar!’ We liked his comment so much we made it one of our catchphrases.”

About ( is a Web 2.0 business community, designed for owners and managers of small to medium-sized businesses, that allows members to discover, share and vote for the best business tips, trends, news and strategies on the Web.

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Since 1991, DBH Communications, Inc. has provided small business owners and managers with award-winning business news and information. In addition to, the company specializes in publishing small business newsletters including the Business Intelligence Report.


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