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March 4, 2008

BizSugar Buzz

“BizSugar is a recommended platform to market your website and blog…There are also moderators that get involved and comment, keeping the pace fluid…Be consistent and you’ll make connections.  The BizSugar blog traffic back to your site will be sweet.”

Increase Your Blog Traffic From These 3 Communities by Steven Hughes in SteamFeed, March 11, 2013.
Steven Hughes, GeeklessTech

“If you are looking for high quality content you can trust, BizSugar offers it. There are real people moderating, vetting, and culling out the spam. There is an opportunity to build a reputation in this niche social network and then spread your content and ideas.”

BizSugar Offers Curated Small Business Content And Community by TJ McCue in Forbes, January 3, 2013.

“John Jantsch, author of ‘Duct Tape Marketing,’ suggests trying … networks that cater to business owners, such as Biznik and BizSugar.”

Three Best Ways to Use Social Media in the Wall Street Journal, Dec. 16, 2009

“BizSugar has depth, with articles on all aspects that are important to a small business so I can share news and learn as well. The site has a very friendly feel which is what I want from a small business networking site.”

How To Look For Opportunities Within Your Market by Susan Oakes
Susan Oakes, M4B Marketing

“It seems that the site is truly a site that the target audience can benefit from.”

Social news for small businesses by Corby Fine
Corby Fine, The Multitasker

“This is a site a few of the social news power users I know from elsewhere spend much time at. I like it very much.”

5 New Niche Social News Sites for Business People and Internet Pros by Tadeusz Szewczyk
Tadeusz Szewczyk, SEO 2.0 Blog

“BizSugar is focused solely on small to medium-sized business. I like that a lot. The other feature I like is their weekly newsletter that shares the Top 10 voted articles for the week.”

Social Media Resource of the Week: BizSugar by Zane Safrit
Zane Safrit, Zane Safrit

“I liked it immediately … it’s trying to simplify life for busy execs who don’t have time to sift through mountains of stuff.”

Harnessing the wisdom of busy execs to find the best stuff online by Julie Power
Julie Power, Internet Marketing Report Online

“[Compared to other social news sites], instead of people sorting through (unrelated) category after category to find your stuff, you can have your content submitted to a site that is dedicated just for small/medium size businesses….”

Digg to BizSugar for Online Business Networkers! by Lisa Alexander
Lisa Alexander, WAHNewsToday

“Time-pressed, knowledge-hungry businesspeople: Time to add another site to your daily round of web surfing.”

Life’s a Bit Sweeter for Business Pros by Kara Martens
Kara Martens, Spark Effect

“a social-news site where business owners, managers and entrepreneurs can discover, share and vote for the best business tips, trends, news and strategies.”

9 ways for small businesses to network online by Daniel Kehrer
Daniel Kehrer, The Arizona Republic

“Bizsugar, the digg-style application which I am finding so sweet.”

List of Social Voting Sites Relevant to Business by Shara Karasic
Shara Karasic,

“Entrepreneurs, you can breath a great sigh of relief, because the business world now has it’s answer to sites like Digg, and it’s even better.”

BizSugar Makes Business a Little Sweeter by Terra Andersen
Terra Andersen, Better for Business

“I recommend to join BizSugar and start contributing and participating. It is a new community with a lot of potential.”

BizSugar – New Social Media Site for Small Businesses by Jeff Simpson
Jeff Simpson, Small Biz Mentor

“as other small business owners discover its value [BizSugar] will continue to gain steam and be a good resource for now and in the future .”

A Small Business Social Bookmarking Site Whose Time Has Come by Denise O’Berry
Denise O’Berry,

“BizSugar gets two thumbs up in my books.”

BizSugar review by Evan Carmichael
Evan Carmichael,

“Plenty of useful stories come from smaller outlets, and BizSugar should be a good place to share them.”

Small Business News Tastes BizSugar by David A. Utter